Thursday, October 4, 2007

In Full Swing....

So the home stays are over, which has its drawbacks, but also is a much needed relief. The drawbacks are missing the food my host mom prepared. There were options almost every night compared to at school where we always have rice, beans, and occasionaly some meat. The relief is that I'm back with the other students on campus.
This past weekend the group went into the capital city of Uganda-Kampala. We went in for one of the students birthdays. We at a place called the New york Kitchen, which has some amazing American food. We ended the day by going to a craft market behind the national theatre. Of course we were being offered the "mzungu" price, which is often thousands of schillings more than an African would ever have to pay. I basically came out of that market empty handed. Saturday night some of the students and I went to a sports bar to watch a football game. This is becoming somewhat of a ritual on the weekends. It is amazing to watch a game with hundreds of Ugandans all cheering for the same team.
On Sunday, I went to church here on campus with most of the students here at UCU and it was quite a long service. It began at around 8:30 and ended around 11:30. Sunday afternoon the directors of the program Mark and Abby had an open house for the students in the USP program. This doesn't include the studnets who are living with host families the entire semester, they are refferred to as IMME. Abby prepared some donuts and chocolate chip cookies for all of us, which were fought for by all of us. The one thing everyone seems to be craving is chocolate. It was a great time of getting to know Mark and his family.
The school week so far has been quite busy. Tuesay, Tara (other student from Idaho Falls) and I went to our service project at Salama School for the Blind. We began the day with the Pre-1 and Pre-2 students who read to us using their braille. The teacher, who is also blind, types out a one page story, and then the students read the page. The student I worked with, Adrian, had most of his sight and also spoke English very well. After classes were dismissed we ended the day by playing sports with all the students. Sports is quite the experience at this school. After leaving we came back to the school and the USP students played the Honours College Students of the university in a game of ultimate frisbee. USP made quick work giving Honours College their worst defeat ever- 10-1.
The past week has been quite difficult for Jason (other students from SNU) and I. Jason's good friend Spencer Green, who was an amazing student at SNU, passed away Friday of last week after a long battle with cancer. Please be in prayer for the Green family and Jason and I, in the loss of a dear friend.

Prayer Requests:
- Jason- missed the service of Spencer, he has been pretty torn up.
- Our classes and work
- SNU community in the loss os Spencer
- Just for the USP students in general, very many have become quite homesick.

P.S. Pictures are very difficult to upload here because of how slow the internet is. When an opportunity comes, i'll be sure to post some pictures.

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mom said...

We are so proud of you. It was fun to speak with you last night and see that you are ok. We went to the CSI volleyball game this afternoon and Heather and her team were there. When I walked up, they all said, "Hi Will's mom". CSI beat North Idaho. Now for the sad, sad news.....USC LOST to was not pretty.
Keep this blog coming, and write me a note on my e-mail ok. love, mom