Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Days of Classes

So we were supposed to play a game yesterday, but unfortunately the school's faculty we were going to play went on strike so there were no games. We still had major training which was long, but Bryce and me have decided to only train with the team and just play when we can because we will be traveling a lot on the weekends which is when the majority of their games are. Well this weekend we begin our two week long home stays and i'm so excited about it. I will still be able to get on the internet and such when i'm at school during the day, so no worries there. I started classes also yesterday and they were pretty good, except for the first class I went to the teacher was difficult to understand, but with time I'm sure i'll get a hang of the accent. Then for my second class I ended up being in the wrong class for 2 1/2 hours. The reason was there was that there was an announcement made that cancelled my class, but I didn't understand it because it was in Luganda, so to make the story short I ended up being in the first year education introduction to proffessors and other students. Long and boring!


mom said...

sounds like you are one busy person these days. School starts at Xavier on Monday, and we have been madly getting ready. I hope you like your classes. love, mom

Twin Falls said...

Hey William...I think of you often...I am praying for you...I am about to go pick up Dunia at the High him in cross country...he is an animal! Top ten every time! Today the team went to Idaho Falls. 700 runners from around the state...we will see what he thought of that!

You are awesome...cathy muus

mom said...

Just thought I would let you know that you are having a nephew. Mike and Lori found they are having a little boy in February. Love you, mom

Dad said...

Will, I was really impressed and humbled by your blog about your trip to Rwanda. It's hard to believe that one person, Idi Amin could have been so blood-thirsty and cruel to human beings. However, I do know that God is right in there suffering with all those victims and that they have their place in heaven where Idi Amin surely isn't! Just wanted to let you know that Makayla and I had a great time at the Pendleton Round-Up this past weekend. We went to the Westward Ho! Parade on Friday morning, the Round-UP on Friday and Saturday afternoons, and to the Happy Canyon Night Pageant on Saturday night. We also spent two evenings downtown on Main Street listening to western bands and looking at all the booths. Makayla did a great job taking pictures with the digital camera. I'll try to get mom to send some for you to see. Uncle Brad rode in an old western buggy in the Westward Ho! Parade because he was "Volunteer of The Year" for Happy Canyon. We also got to go to the Round-UP Hall of Fame and see Grandpa and Grandma Stevens "Lifetime Membership" bricks on the wall. Makayla had a great time there learning to "trick rope" from three girls from Visalia and Exeter, Ca. They were very impressed when I told them we had lived right nextdoor in Porterville for eight years!
Well, I better go because I have a meeting at the hospice office at noontime. Talk to you later. God bless and remember to study while you're over there! Love, Dad.